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Balladero did an extensive tour in Switzerland, playing 7 gigs all across the beautiful country, stopping at Murten, Thun, Bern, Basel, Burgdorf, Zuerich and Luzern. It was a little bit different as the tour was done in solo performance. Nevertheless it was fun to get to know the Swiss folks, everyone is super friendly, although the country is super expensive ... but also super neat. It's really almost flawless, although they have different LPG adaptors, not like the ones our tour car had ----- also, different ELECTRICITY PLUGS, we managed to find that one out soon enough :) :) :) :) -----  but luckilly we solved that problem and found a gas station that had the Italian system in Germany, just minutes away from the spectacular town of Basel, where the Rhein was flooding and unfortunately it was monday on our day off, so most of the museums were closed ... and we were condemned to spending loads of money on coffee's with my lovely partner-in-crime Erika who accompanied me on this tour ... :) Everything else went as planned, concerts were on every day, the folks listened and some CD's found new owners to my big delight ... Now, after driving for 2500km altogether Balladero is quite tired and taking a rest after a really intense schedule of Swiss touring. :) Now it's all about planning for the next album. We already tested some new songs along the way and it seems they work so it's studio time soon :) :) :) ... Looking forward to write about new adventures, until then enjoy the upcoming summer folks and listen to loads of good tunes!



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