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Balladero Club Deuce just celebrated our 2nd anniversary on 22th of February! We have been on the road a lot since releasing our debut album and we started 2014 in the same "gas guzzling" fashion, with a 5 dates tour around Slovenia (Satchmo jazz klub Maribor, Zlati zob Ljubljana, kulturni dom Nova Gorica, dom kulture Izola, Mikk Murska Sobota) ... It was fun to play all over our little but beautiful country, adding some towns we haven't visited yet until this tour ... Since this was supposed to be a special tour, featuring special guests and gigs, we managed to record a full concert in Nova Gorica (see link below), with our tour guest, Italian master guitarist Lorenzo Corti, who joined us for three dates on the tour. We had some other wonderful guests on the tour also! Singer Jadranka Juras and pianist Milan Stanisavljević, who form an awesome sounding jazz duet, added lush harmonies to our show in Izola, Jadranka also joining us for a duet with our "flagship song" Če bi. Amongst the guests were also virtuoso keyboardist / producer Denis Horvat and songwriting all-rounder Samo Budna who put the "cherry on top", joining us on a couple of songs with hammond organ and violin for the final gig of the tour at Mikk, Murska Sobota. It was for sure a tour to remember and we were just lucky to avoid snowfall - a special week of spring in January just for us :) - especially because hard winter followed really soon after we packed up our gear and parked the van for a while, freezing Slovenia in a big coat of ice. So, we managed to wrap it up nicely and Balladero would like to thank everyone for helping out with the tour, especially our sound engineer Štefan Kovač, thanks also to Kurzrockvibe music management and all the kind people at the venues for making us feel at home. A big thanks also to Robert Jukić (bass) and Jaka Berger (drums)! 

As always, the show must go on, so in the last weeks we kept ourselves busy, warming the hearts of lovers at Franky's pub Valentines gig in Nazarje. Now we head off to Ljubljana to play a big student music event called Bujta Repa with two "top" Slovenian acts Manouche and Vlado Kreslin. Stay tuned and let's keep it rollin'! 

LISTEN Balladero I Guess Tour 2014 Nova Gorica live:


All photos by Jani Ugrin (R) 



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