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We all love one special fellow, mr. Bobby MacIntyre. The one and only, from Miami, FL, where his celestial music channel named Studio 71 resides. We have been fortunate to collaborate with him many times and will continue to do so if good fortune allows it! Everyone interested in music should check out mr. MacIntyre. The man is a very kind and very special one of a kind!



And as always creative and multitaskingly brilliant, our dear friend and brother, mr. Aljoša Bagola! Taking care of Balladero visuals (plus playing synths on Monsters!) and also doing some massive cool beats and future hit songs for his Ikono project. Check him out and R.E.S.P.E.C.T!



Check out this band sweeping across the stages and doing it like its supposed to be done. David Halb, Manuel Hahn and our two fellows collaborators on the abum Sašo Benko, Meli Fabčič from Werefox. Check em' out and rock it in!



Another bright young talent connecting Slovenian and International music "waters" is miss Tanja Ravljen ... musical theatre perfomer of top class quality and education with her fancy degrees from London school of Musical theatre and Newcastle college :) !!! Also featured on Mirror see. You can see her whereabouts and wha-t-up-to's on her fresh new webpage!



Not that we have to write a lot about one of the most prominent Slovenian singers, miss Jadranka Juras, but we can simply say, there is a lot to hear here! Check her out and lighten up your "Soul"! And thank you Jadranka for helping us do the Club Deuce brushing up the vocal skills and being ready to sing on our first single "Če bi"! Much obliged!



Plus one special mention for a very special sound gentleman! Mr. Tonči Bakutin Ruzina is working on his special new studio place Sensoria, located on the wonderful coastline of Croatia, near the amazing city of Split. We hope to play some there in the future, so you go check it out to!



Another mention goes out to the wonderful craftsmanship of the Silič and Silič piano company in Ljubljana. Since we love pianos, we also love to listen to all the experience, knowledge and especially great skills from their own mr. Zlatko Silič, who with his brother Bojan and their father and grandfather continues a great tradition of Steinway trained piano tuners and craftsmen. We are honoured to have had their help on restoring our own "working horse", the restored Stingl piano and also to have had their help with the Essex piano they kindly borrowed for the "Če bi" video shoot!



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