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It was a busy summer! 24/7 studio time is up, it was awesome and new songs are coming soon! Thanks to Uwe Bossert and everyone at Achtungmusicstudios for a great recording session! ... // ... To poletje nismo imeli prav veliko dopusta, 24/7 smo "švicali" v studiu za nove skladbe in nov album - kmalu!!! ... 

Murten, Thun, Bern, Basel, Burgdorf, Zuerich, Luzern. Those are the cities Balladero played through an extensive solo tour across one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and in the world. We had a great time getting to know the countryside and some very friendly and "open-ears" Swiss folks. It was a great experience overall and we look forward to come back to Switzerland soon! :)


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