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And now for something completely different! Powerful, tasteful, groove-filled, unique and daring authentic piano songwriting, fuelled with powerful lyrics, strong voice and backed by a rocking live band. The soundscape of Balladero stretches from pristine ballads to danceable and cinematic tunes up to guitar driven anthems like the radio popular single Zlati časi. Marked by contagious pop catchiness - contrasted by intimate melancholy it is a one-of-a-kind act, full of true character.

With two internationally produced albums - Club Deuce (2012) and the fresh new release Perfect You (2016) Balladero has been touring extensively since 2011 in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK! Balladero has also won MTV Adria Video Gold award (2013) for the single I Guess and was a semi-finalist of the International Songwriting and Unsigned Only competition.

Released in 2012 and featuring a "club" of musicians from Slovenia, USA and Italy the debut album Club Deuce brings a soulful, epic and laid back musical trip, patiently building a wide full band sonic scape on carefully crafted piano arrangements and powerful vocal lines. This is simply honest, true, from the heart music for your listening pleasure! Mixed, engineered and produced by Bobby MacIntyre at Studio 71, Miami, mastered at Capitol Mastering Los Angeles.

The production of the new album Perfect You, released in 2016 took place in Munich, Germany at Achtung Music Studios in collaboration with producer Uwe Bossert, also known to audiences worldwide as guitarist and songwriter of the German superstar band Reamonn. Teaming up with Balladero for this special release Bossert added his trademark sound to the album also as a guest on electric and acoustic guitars. Also joining Dominik Bagola – Balladero on piano, keyboards and vocals were Sebastian Rotard on drums (Marie & the RedCat, Sidewalkers), Hubert Steiner on bass (Thees Ullman, Carpet) and Mirna Bogdanovic on backing vocals (winner of Downbeat 2015 competition for best jazz performance - upcoming talents).


Dominik Bagola - Balladero - singer songwriter, pianist, drummer is an active member of the Slovenian music scene. Beside his work in Balladero he has appeared as songwriter and recording artist (piano, keyboards, drums, percussion) with other renowned Slovenian artists - Nana Milčinski (song: Sinji sneg, album: Od tod do vesolja, 2013), Werefox (song: Give me a life, album: We are memory, 2013; various songs - album Lied der Maschine, 2016), Psycho-Path (album The Ass Soul of Psycho-Path, 2008), Thomas March Collective (various songs) and others ...




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