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Club2Records is a Balladero dedicated label, releasing all Balladero materials to ensure the best quality (production, mastering, print). We don't release any other artists material. The label was established with the debut album Balladero Club Deuce in 2012, also realeasing Balladero single (Če bi) and the new album Balladero Perfect You (2016). 


Perfect You (2016), the new album produced by Uwe Bossert brings the authentic Balladero songwriting approach refreshed with more up-tempo vibes, cinematic, danceable tunes and straight out rockers like the radio hit Zlati časi. Available in CD format through Balladero store or digital format (iTunes and other stores or streaming). 


Album credits:

Engineered, produced, mixed by Uwe Bossert, Achtung Music Studios, Munich. 

Mastered by Steve Fallone, Sterling Sound, NYC, USA. 

All songs* and lyrics by Dominik Bagola. Arranged by Dominik Bagola, Uwe Bossert and musicians of the Perfect You sessions. 

Musicians: Dominik Bagola (piano, keyboards, vocals, accordion, glockenspiel), Uwe Bossert (guitars), Sebastian "Seppl" Rotard (drums), Hubert Steiner (bass guitar), Mirna Bogdanović (vocals).  

*Except Sale la vie - by Aljoša Bagola 


Club Deuce (2012), the debut album by Balladero is available wordwide through Club2 Records! Visit our store and secure your CD copy now! Also available in digital format (iTunes and other stores or streaming).


Album credits:

Engineered, produced, mixed by Bobby MacIntyre, Studio 71, Miami, Forida, USA.

Recorded 2010-2011 at Studio 71, Miami, USA, Shane Soloski recorded bass at Los Angeles, USA, Lorenzo Corti recorded guitars at Milano, Italy. Fazioli F278 piano recorded at BenTon, Mengeš, Slovenia. All other instruments recorded at various recording sessions in Slovenia.

Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol studios, Los Angeles, USA.

All songs and *lyrics by Dominik Bagola. Arranged by Dominik Bagola, Bobby MacIntyre and musicians of the Club Deuce sessions

*except lyrics for Monsters by Melanija Larisa Fabčič


Balladero's first single is out! The song ČE BI, sung in "prekmurski" dialect and slovenian language features prominent Slovenian soul, r'n'b, jazz singer Jadranka Juras and is hitting the radio stations now! Visit our store to buy a copy now! 


Lyrics (Slovenian): 

Če bi 

Puno vsega, puno čega?

Če bi moja skuza bijla zlato,

te bi ge lejko kama koli šou. 

Verjeti moreš v pomlad, 

sanjati star, živeti mlad. 

In kamor koli greš, kar koli

izveš, kar doživiš in spoznaš,

kar zdaj si in kar zdaj

veš, kar lahko in kar ne smeš.

Zdaj ujemi ga, trenutek, 

ki polzi ... In ne oziraj se nazaj.

Vse, kar si, izpuhti.

Vse, kar si, si le ti. 

Verjeti moraš v pomlad,

sanjati star, živeti mlad.


Lyrics (English): 

If only

A lot of everything, a lot of anything ...

If my tears were gold

I could have travelled the world. 

You must believe in spring,

dream when you're old, 

live when you're young.

And wherever you go,

whatever you discover, 

what you experience and see,

what you are now and what you now know ...

What you can and what you can't.

Catch it now, the moment that's slipping away.

And don't look back ...

All that you are,fades away,

all that you are, is you yourself.



Music and lyrics by Dominik Bagola

Piano, hammond: Dominik Bagola

Vocals: Dominik Bagola & Jadranka Juras

Guitars: Lorenzo Corti

Bass: Shane Soloski

Drums: Bobby MacIntyre


Engineered, mixed and produced by Bobby Macintyre, Studio 71, Miami, Florida, USA.

Fazioli F278 piano recorded at BenTon, Mengeš by Samo Jurca and Tonči Ruzina.

Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol mastering, Los Angeles, USA. 


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