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Balladero, Club Deuce is officially released and for the ocassion we did a special solo recording of the album material ... We will feature all the songs as we proceed with the events around the album release, first gigs 8.3. Maribor, 17.3. Murska Sobota ... For now, we have Mirror See and Pawnshop ... Check it out in our video section!






Balladero Club Deuce all ready to pre-launch. Exclusive prelisten from 2.2. on http://www.siol.net/Scena/Glasba/Novice/2012/02/Ekskluzivno_Predstavljamo_prvenec_Dominika_Bagole.aspx ! Official release 22.2.! Have fun pre-listening! And pre-ordering. Go to our store and pre-order now. Thank you for listening!

Less then a month to Balladero, Club Deuce ... official release - 22.2. and a good week to the official exclusive stream via one very cool website - 2.2. ... Stay tuned!

We had a great 2011, finishing our album and getting ready for the release next year. First shows, first release (Če bi single feat. Jadranka Juras) and first Balladero year to celebrate. We hope you'll stay with us in the year of The Deuce, 2012. The album is due to arrive very, very soon. Since its all about Deuces you can guess the date yourself!

As the holiday season is "in", we ordered a special present due for 2012 ... After doing a lot of music we are currently working on visuals for the upcoming Balladero, Club Deuce album ... Available in full format soon through www.balladero.com and a wider selection of distribution channels! Artwork by Aljoša Bagola, "Technicolor" :) by Rok Kordin.

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