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It was cool to play our tunes at the 19th annual Live literature festival Živa književnost in the old part of Ljubljana. It was a nice outdoor gig up near the Gornji trg town square! And what a stage! :)

Thanks to everyone who came out for a fun show @ klub Cirkus, Ljubljana, 16.5. We had it all, lots of music guests, dancers, jugglers, a lovely crowd and the music of Balladero, Club Deuce live! 

We also have some limited edition posters still for sale, printed special for the Cirkus show. It was so hot the ice cream started melting (thank you Ljubljanske mlekarne for giving us 100 Maksim...

We are glad that the album is finally available also in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (See STORE menu for all of the sales points). Scroll through your favourite songs and we are sure you'll find one that suits you. Enjoy and thank you for supporting our music!

Listen here:



Balladero Club Deuce is honored to be a part of the show Galerija Val 202 curated by one of Slovenia's most recognized and acclaimed music & culture journalists Matjaž Ambrožič. Matjaž works as a journalist and broadcaster from London, UK. It was a pleasure for us to be featured...

Balladero, Club Deuce ... check, check ... Things are quite exciting these days as we unpack the first Club Deuce boxes and waiting for more exciting stuff soon ... gigs 8.3. Maribor Kino Udarnik, 17.3. Mikk Murska Sobota, 20.4. Ajdovščina ... See you / hear you there! You can order the album on the Balladero web store.


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