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First we take Alex TV, then we take BALLADERO Berlin Deuce. Thursday, 13.12., DasHOTEL. Until then enjoy our Alex TV show:                           


Joining the "TV trio" for the gig will be Luca Recchia on bass.


Great show at Alex TV for Balladero just happened this past weekend and we are in for more soon. Next show is also at Berlin, at DasHOTEL. A cool club/bar in Xberg. Showdate is 13th December! Stay tuned for more. 

Achtung! Balladero will play live in BERLIN, 19th of October, 19.30cet on ALEX TV! (Web stream: www.alex-berlin.de/tv; Doors: 19.00cet, free entry, Voltastrasse 5, Berlin). The special gig will feature a Balladero trio. Balladero on piano and vocals, with Lorenzo Corti on guitar and Brgs Time on drums. Stay tuned!

(c) Club2tvtower by: Aljoša Bagola.


So we start the autumn time with a revamp of our website. We are trying to be up to date as possible with all of the content while managing gigs, making new music and trying to get Balladero across to as many ears as possible! :) We thank you for all the clicks so far and we hope you will like the design and features updates and keep your fingers crossed  for us in the best website competition at...

It's springtime in the autumn time ... "You must believe in spring!" ... "Verjeti moraš v pomlad! ... Sanjati star, živeti mlad!" First video for single Če bi (If only) ft. Jadranka Juras. 



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