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It was a busy summer! 24/7 studio time is up, it was awesome and new songs are coming soon! Thanks to Uwe Bossert and everyone at Achtungmusicstudios for a great recording session! ... // ... To poletje nismo imeli prav veliko dopusta, 24/7 smo "švicali" v studiu za nove skladbe in nov album - kmalu!!! ... 

Murten, Thun, Bern, Basel, Burgdorf, Zuerich, Luzern. Those are the cities Balladero played through an extensive solo tour across one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and in the world. We had a great time getting to know the countryside and some very friendly and "open-ears" Swiss folks. It was a great experience overall and we look forward to come back to Switzerland soon! :)


We had a great time in Maribor, at the wonderful Salon Uporabnih Umetnosti, ex Casino Maribor, equipped with an inspiring, wonderful interior, full of art pieces, vintage furniture and just overall coolness everywhere you look. Plus very comfortable chairs, so the equally awesome Maribor audience was properly spoiled :) - also by some new Balladero songs and some special guests! Singing one of our...

Balladero wishes you a happy and tuneful new year! 



If you missed our concert on RTV Slovenia show Aritmija you can watch it on the web archive - just by clicking this link: http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/aritmija/174298950

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